The focus area of research are  special needs children with high-incidence disabilities  by specialization  on (1) identification, assessment and intervention students with specific learning disabilities; (2) Behavior modification for students  with high-incidence disabilities; (3)  An Alternatively to identify students with SLD through Response to Intervention and Instructional Model (RTII) ; (4)  The Student Mapping Tool (SMT) based on Psychological and Physiological Performance as an Early Detection System for Student-at-risk; (5) Exploring the learning potential of students based on psychological and physiological performance.  The beginning research was doing since 2003 until 2004 with title The Development of Writing Ability for Elementary Students Grade 6,  then she was continuing the research with The Development Test of Reading, Writing and Counting Ability for Elementary Students Grade 6 in her Master of Psychometric Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia (UI). During her study to take a doctoral program at Central China Normal University, her research focus on  Response to Intervention  (RtI) Model as an alternatively to identify students with specific learning disabilities (SLD). Dr. Riana got excellence result with her dissertation and will continuing and develop her research in area of  special needs students with high-incidence disabilities including gifted and talented students with learning disabilities with aims to provide better educational services especially in special education in Indonesia.