SMT Development

The Development Concept of Student Mapping Tools (SMT) based on psychological and physiological performance was created with aims (1) by exploring and identifying learning potential of students referring to psychological and physiological performance; (2) Explore how non-cognitive skills were impacted to students positive characters and academic performance based on psychological and physiological performance. Psychological performance includes intelligence (IQ), learning attitudes and personalities or characters acquired through psychological assessment. While physiological performance refers to the focus of medical examinations focusing on physics, fitness and hematology.

Basically all of students with high learning potential, average learning potential and below learning potential are possibility to be as student at-risk, if they did not been provided with appropriate learning environment. They need specific learning and instructional strategies to explore they learning potential to achieving they academic target based on psychological and physiological performance. We are tested and observed about 689 students of junior and senior high school as samples then we spread two construct of diagram with how non-cognitive skills impact to students positive characters changes and academic performance; and (2) explore learning potential  of students based on psychological and physiological performance. Through structural equation  modeling (SEM) Data Analysis using Amos Ver. 8.0 with latent variables students’ learning attitudes have a significant influence on changes to students’ positive character and academic performance but not expressive on students’ personalities and academic performance. We also figure out learning potential based on psychological and physiological performance raises the potential for learning both their intelligence and  physical potential as a talent that they have to be developed in the future.

SMT is practical tool that can be used as initial or essential basis data for schools and teachers before providing intervention or instructional learning on what of students needs depend on the performance of students including gifted students or students with special needs.